3 Ways You Can Help Us Help Cancer Patients Keep Her Hair

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3 ways to help cancer patient keep her hair

You can help Thairapy Lounge Salon help cancer patients afford scalp cooling!

Thairapy Lounge Salon is proud and happy to support the HairToStay nonprofit organization for our October fundraising event this year! This is the first and only organization dedicated to helping cancer patients afford scalp cooling, a treatment that helps reduce chemotherapy-induced hair loss.

This October, Thairapy Lounge Salon would like to help to contribute to HairToStay by promoting awareness as well as the following fundraising initiatives. Keeping normalcy in one’s life can help keep the confidence that often goes a long way when facing any battle, including such a stressful, life changing ordeal as cancer.

How can you help?

3 Ways You Can Help

Come in this month and take advantage of savings and help us donate to HairtoStay.Org


Donate $5 and Receive Additional Entry for YETI COOLER

Proceeds Will Go Toward Subsidies For Scalp Cooling, Proven to Prevent Hair Loss During Chemotherapy.


Purchase With A Purpose

Receive 20% OFF All Pink Products!

10% Of All Pink Product Sale Proceeds Will Be Donated to HairToStay.Org

Plus Every Pink  Product Purchase  Earns an Entry to  Win Yeti Roadie Cooler!


Pink Gift Card Fundraiser

At least 8% of women will decline potentially life-saving chemotherapy due to fear of hair loss.

Purchase a $100 Thairapy Lounge Salon Gift Card and we’ll donate $8 to HairToStay.org.

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