We Are Barbicide® COVID-19 Certified

Our entire Thairapy Lounge Salon team is Barbicide® Covid-19 Certified We have all completed the BARBICIDE® COVID-19 Certification Course and the BARBICIDE® Certification Course for your safety!

Like many salons, spas, and barbershops, Thairapy Lounge Salon uses the gold standard disinfectant BARBICIDE® (that vibrant blue liquid you see in our salon).

Perhaps the most iconic of all images in the professional beauty industry, BARBICIDE® signifies a safe, clean environment for everything from a haircut to a pedicure and helps to protect us all. It’s been the industry standard for safe services in salons and barbershops for over half of a century and is approved for efficacy against Human Coronavirus, including COVID-19.

Our health and sanitation commitments have always been to go above and beyond the industry standard. As we continue to prioritize providing a safe service for every client, we want to make sure you feel confident and comfortable when you visit our salon. Which is why we decided to have all staff and team members complete the BARBICIDE® Certification Course.

Providing a safe service and space for every client has always been essential to us and a big part of running our salon and spa.

This training course was designed to ensure that best practices with regard to infection control are understood and applied. These best practices, in addition to the local health department, state rules and regulations already in place, will ensure that we are always up to date with the highest current infection control standards in the beauty industry.

Be assured that Thairapy Lounge Salon will be ready for the new normal when we reopen, June 1st.

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