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Your Next Visit to Thairapy Lounge Salon Will Be More Sustainable.
We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Green Circle Salons to make your next visit to our beauty salon a sustainable one!

Thairapy Lounge Salon goes Green with Green Circle Salons as of March!

We are proud to be the first salon and spa in OKC to team up with GCS to help make a significant difference in the beauty industry and our community. We are incredibly proud to be joining and leading the way with over 3,000 Green Circle Salons in North America and ensuring 85-95% of our waste is being managed in an environmentally responsible way.
Our eco fee will ensure your hair is recycled and used for offshore oil spills, and foils and excess colour will be disposed of in a safe way, reducing our salons eco-footprint and ensuring we work towards a more sustainable future.

What are Green Circle Salons?

Green Circle Salons help to keep people AND our planet beautiful.
Green Circle Salons offers a comprehensive recycle and repurposing program that ensures hair, foils, color tubes, plastics, papers, and chemicals get diverted out of our waste and water streams. Keep reading below to find out more about how your visit to Thairapy Lounge Salon is making a difference. Or visit the Green Circle Salon website to learn more about their movement.
The beauty industry “waste problem” numbers are shocking.
The Beauty Industry Creates

lbs of Salon Waste Every Day!

That’s about

lbs of Salon Waste Every Minute!

those numbers are why we are taking a stand
and these numbers…
Up to


of our beauty salon & spa waste will be diverted from landfills and waterways.
…Are why we’ve decided to join forces with GCS to help make a difference for our planet and work together to reduce our ecological footprint, while making our industry more sustainable.
last year…
Green Circle Salons diverted

lbs of solid waste

liters of chemical waste

as of April 22nd 2019…


of Salon & Spa Waste Diverted From Landfills & Waterways With The Green Circle Salon Program
we recycle our color waste
ALL OF THISgreen arrow art

We’d love for you to learn more about Green Circle and their process and program.

Watch this Green Circle Salon video to learn a little more about the mission and heart of Green Circle Salons.

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