Meet Our Talented and Creative Professionals!

Introducing the talented professionals at Thairapy Lounge Salon in OKC! Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with top-quality care and a truly luxurious salon spa experience.

Our team is constantly growing in their craft and learning new ways to improve and enhance their professional hair, beauty and wellness skills in order to provide our guests with impeccable quality beauty services, experience and value.

Each of our service providers specialize in their respective department, ensuring that your beauty needs are met with exceptional skill and personalized attention.

Our Thairapy Team in OKC – made up of expert stylists, estheticians, massage therapists, and makeup & nail artists. We work together to pamper you from head to toe! Whether you want a trendy new hair color & cut, a relaxing facial, therapeutic massage or trendy nails… we’ve got you covered.

Erin Miley Hair Stylist OKC

Erin M

Hair Stylist - Level 5
Ashley G Hair Stylist OKC

Ashley G

Hair Stylist - Level 4A
Stacy M Hair Stylist OKC

Stacy M

Hair Stylist - Level 2
Mary W Hair Stylist OKC

Mary W

Hair Stylist - Level 3
Bri C Hair Stylist OKC

Bri C

Hair Stylist - Level 2
Bethany G OKC Hair Stylist

Bethany G

Hair Stylist - Level 1
Mysti S Hair Stylist OKC

Mysti S

Hair Stylist - Level 1
Tara S Hair Stylist

Tara S

Hair Stylist - Level 1
Jessie Hair Stylist in OKC

Jessie J

Hair Stylist - Level 1
Boogie L Hair Stylist OKC

Boogie L

Hair Stylist - Level 1
Bri J Hair Stylist OKC

Bri J

Hair Stylist - Level 1
Devon K Stylist OKC

Devon K

Hair Stylist - Associate
Baylee S Esthetician OKC

Baylee S

Esthetician - Level 3
Tonya Z Esthetician OKC

Tonya Z

Esthetician - Level 1
Charlie S Massage Therapist OKC

Charlie S

Massage Therapist - Level 3
Mago G Nails OKC

Mago G

Nail Technician - Level 4

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